Monday, January 23, 2012

Transfer status: complete!

Well, I made it back from the transfer last night and all was a success! The journey to get to California was CRAZY, due to weather setbacks and flight delays, but I made it and so did both of my IP's. I got in 2.5hrs later than scheduled and after chatting with my guys for a bit, we all went to bed. 

Transfer was on Saturday 1/21 at 9:30am. A car picked us up at the hotel and we arrived at the clinic at 9am. I got my blood drawn and got called back to the exam/procedure room. I was mostly not looking forward to having to have a full bladder for an extended period of time, but to my surprise that didn't happen! The doctor used a transvaginal ultrasound so I got to have a completely EMPTY bladder! YAY! The guys were so nervous and anxious, but so sweet to me and each other. We transferred one 5 day frozen blastocyst, and the doctor said it was great quality. (B+ if I remember correctly from my eavesdropping :) ) 

After the transfer we went back to the hotel and had lunch, and I relaxed in my room while the guys took a walk and got me snacks and trashy gossip magazines :) We watched some TV and just hung out until they had to go home :( It was raining in CA when we left for the transfer but after we got back, it was sunny and gorgeous! The guys told me to go lay in the sun at the rooftop pool after they left, so I did! It was beautiful and warm and I lounged in one of the chairs and enjoyed the peace and quiet.

I came back to my room after the sun started setting and took a nap, ordered some dinner, and went to bed. I got to sleep in on Sunday, later than I have in a LONG time! A car picked me up at 12:30pm to take me to the airport. I was so sad to leave the beautiful weather, but so excited to see my sweet baby when I got home. 

My blood test is on 1/30 (a week from tomorrow) and I might test at home this weekend, depending on how I'm feeling. Maybe earlier, we'll see ;) The guys don't want to know if I get a BFP before the blood draw, in case of a rare false positive home test. So the results will be between all of you and me, if you can promise to keep a secret! I am super nervous so keep those sticky vibes coming my way, please! 

Thanks for reading


Jeni said...

I've got a good feeling about this!

Can't wait to hear the "positive" news! :)

cheldi said...

So glad everyone made it and the transfer went well! Looking forward to seeing those secret BFP pictures!

Jesse said...

Sending you lots o' sticky vibes!! Can't wait to see the positive tests!

Michael said...

I just found your blog and this is such an exciting part of the process. I'll keep thinking sticky thoughts and I'll add my special secret of eating "Life" cereal too! :-)

Duska said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! And welcome Michael! Thanks for reading and supporting :)