Thursday, October 27, 2011

Officially MATCHED!

That's right, I officially have me some people to have a baby for! Whoot whoot! They don't know about this blog yet, so I won't get into it too much, but THEY ARE AWESOME! Things have been a little more slow moving than "normal", because they just had a baby a couple weeks ago. When we exchanged profiles in my last post, their surrogate was having some preterm labor issues and they weren't sure when the baby was going to come. So we scheduled a Skype Match Meeting, but then had to reschedule because their surrogate went into labor! One week later, their baby was finally born :) So, last Friday we had our meeting and it was wonderful.

The feeling is hard to explain, and I feel like this is especially true because I have nothing to compare it to. I had some uncertain feelings at first, largely due to a miscommunication between my IP's, my agency, and myself. Lost emails are a huge downer!! (Thanks technology!) Good thing my agency is so great, and they called to discuss my feelings before letting me move on to a different couple! I feel like the Match Meeting is like a super awkward blind date.... you kind of have a little inkling of what to expect, but not really. You wonder if it is going to be weird and awkward, or if you are going to have personalities that mesh, if you are going to see eye to eye on potentially HUGE deal breaking issues, etc. Luckily, our call went great and we seem to click well! The next step is getting contracts started, and setting up an in person meeting. I think we are hoping for a December transfer, which sounds wonderful to me! I would love it if we could to it tomorrow!

I am so ready to be pregnant and spend more time getting to know my IP's. It's a strange mix of feelings- wanting to get the show on the road and see some action, but at the same time, the more we get done, the closer we are to the end. I just got this great couple and I don't want to have to say goodbye to them when this is all over. I wish I could video record the next year of my life so I could keep it forever and play it back. I have spurts where I remember a bunch of things I want to talk to them about, but I also don't want to overwhelm them. I know they are both busy with life, careers, and a newborn at home! So I try to exercise the patience I have VERY little of, and not get ahead of myself!

I will post more after contracts are complete and I have a transfer update and after our in person meeting.

Until then.....
Thanks for reading