Friday, August 26, 2011

First post, let's see how this goes....

Okay, so the title of my blog is a little deceiving... I'm not pregnant yet, but I hope to be soon! And when I am, it won't be mine! I have recently begun my first surrogacy journey and I am going to blog about the adventure. I love reading blogs about surrogacy, but was wrestling with the idea of actually writing one, as I somewhat feel like I am talking to myself or rambling on and on....

Okay, let's start from the beginning. Surrogacy is something I have thought about for a few years, more as an abstract idea than a realistic one. Sure, I have always wanted to do it, but did I ever think it was something that would actually happen? NO WAY!! I live in Washington state, and I came to find out that surrogacy is "illegal" here. Upon further research I discovered that the surrogacy itself isn't illegal, but contracts with the intention of the surrogate being paid above and beyond medical and legal expenses are unenforceable. So this means that no agencies want to work with people in Washington because it's a pain. My newfound surrogacy excitement bubble was quickly popped. Possible solutions were quickly running through my head. Move to Idaho? Keep looking for an agency? Give up? 

Late one evening I was exploring blogs online and read a HILARIOUS one. (Kelly Rummelhart, I had emailed 2 or 3 agencies and they unfortunately didn't work with WA surrogates. I'm pretty stubborn and don't give up easily when I want something, so I filled out the online application and emailed Kelly's agency too, on the off chance that this would be an agency who would work with me. The next morning I woke up and checked my email... holy hallelujah Batman, they approved my first stage application to move on to the next step, and I received an email reply that they COULD work with me- they have had many successful contracts out of Washington!!! I am a person who hates disappointment so I tried (and am still trying) not to get too excited until I am actually pregnant. But OMG I AM SO EXCITED!! 

The last couple weeks in a nutshell: LOTS OF PAPERWORK! I have filled out questionnaires, I have signed a million things, I have faxed, I have requested documents, medical records, insurance policies, pay stubs, I have considered options... the surrogacy train in my brain is constantly moving! After completing an application for life insurance and an individual surrogacy maternity policy (in case, for some terrible reason, we aren't able to use my personal insurance), submitting past medical records, and waiting impatiently for a week, I was approved and given the green light to move forward to medical and psychological evaluation!! I am flying to LA (where my agency is) on September 5th, for my med and psych evaluations on September 6th. Have I mentioned how excited I am?!?! 

This will have to suffice as my first ever blog post, as I need to snuggle my daughter and put her to bed soon. I will post an update after my trip to LA, unless something super exciting happens before then! 

Thanks for reading