Monday, January 16, 2012

Fingers crossed

Well, my lining was only 7.5mm today but the doctor heard my desperate cries from far far away and decided to go ahead with the transfer on Saturday! WAHOO!!!!

I fly out on Friday afternoon and we transfer Saturday morning. I will be on bed rest all day Saturday and all of Sunday morning until I have to go to the airport for my flight.

We are all so excited, and I am still NERVOUS! We are only transferring one embryo so now I need some sticky vibes, so that one special little babe hangs around for 9 months.

Where are all of you at in your journeys?

Thanks for reading


I'm having their baby said...

Yeah!!!! Goodluck.

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!!

I am currently in the contract stage - just reviewed contract with the attorney on Sunday evening. I am matched with a Chinese couple and this would be their first child(ren). We are hoping for a February transfer *fingers crossed*