Thursday, February 2, 2012

Magic number, phase 2

Well, I got my blood drawn again today. We were hoping for my numbers to double, which would be 850. The results came back and survey says..............


Holy cow, right?! There's definitely a baby growing like crazy in my belly! The guys are excited and I feel much better seeing the numbers rise appropriately. The guys are still going to wait for the first ultrasound before they tell anyone, but we are definitely feeling good at this point! 

So far, I've been feeling pretty good. Definitely have breast tenderness and increase in size, and an occasional headache. This morning I felt queasy at work for an hour or two, but thankfully that passed without any incidents ;) 

Hopefully I can update with an ultrasound picture next week!

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Chantelle said...

Such great news!! Can't wait for the ultrasound results!!