Monday, February 20, 2012

Officially pregnant! 7 weeks 1 day

Well, I guess the beta's were official too... But on Friday I had my ultrasound and we have a little bean with a heart beat! According to Babycenter, our bean is actually the size of a blueberry this week and it is growing rapidly! 

I am a paranoid wreck of nerves. I am worried and nervous that something is going to happen, and I second guess every twinge and muscle spasm. I am holding my breath that everything progresses normally and without problems, at least through the first trimester. Let's just get through 5 more weeks and then we'll go from there :) I want so badly to be able to do this for my guys and I am worried about disappointing them. I'm trying to stay stress free but it's always in the back of my mind. Were any of you like this? Does it ever end?!

All nerves aside, I'm feeling pretty good. No morning sickness yet (knock on wood) but I do have some fatigue and major breast tenderness.... one wrong move when my daughter lays her head down to snuggle and I am almost in tears! 

I have another ultrasound next week, and at that point I'll be about 8 and a half weeks. Then the week after that is my first doctors appointment with my OB! PLLLEEEASE send lots of positive vibes my way, so this little bean wants to hang around for another 7 months or so! 

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Jeni said...

The nerves are normal. I wish I could tell you they go away after the first trimester, but for me, they just became more manageable. LOL! Take a deep breath. Think positively. Trust that all will be well.

And enjoy every. single. moment.


cheldi said...

I guess it just depends on your personality. I didn't worry in my own pregnancies and I don't worry in this one either. That said, I take pregnancy VERY seriously... but I guess I'm just the type to take things as they come. As long as I'm following the "rules" I know I couldn't have done anything to change whatever happens... so there's no point stressing myself about it. Happy thoughts are best for the baby anyway! :)

Doug and Bill said...

Looks like you're doing amazing. Good luck!

Michael said...

Congratulations on officially being pregnant and seeing the heartbeat. Keep your IPs in the loop with a little text or email and they'll be there supporting you. We know that you all care about the pregnancy so let us be your cheerleaders too. We like to help out and know you're ok. Maybe that will help you relax knowing that your IPs are on your side too.