Monday, May 21, 2012

Half way done

Holy smokes, I can't believe we're already half way done! I am still feeling great and often forget that I'm pregnant :) The bean is wiggling more and more, and the guys will be here on Thursday for our anatomy scan. My doctor does the ultrasounds and we have an appointment at the same time, so they will all get to meet each other. Hopefully we have time to do a hospital tour as well.

I took my mom to Denver this weekend to celebrate her birthday, and we had a blast! We went to a baseball game, and a concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater. We also relaxed a lot and did one of our favorite things- SHOPPING!

There isn't much to report on the baby/pregnancy front.... we are a banana this week- approximately 6.5 in long and about 10.5 oz. I love to feel the bean move and kick around, it's absolutely my favorite part of pregnancy! I can't wait for it to get bigger and move more! Remind me of this blog post in 15 or so weeks when I'm super uncomfortable and complaining about the bean keeping me awake with all it's movement, and how I can't breathe because I've got feet in my ribs, etc. :)

Here's a picture from Denver, the belly is finally starting to poke out a little more! I will update after our ultrasound on Thursday, and I can't wait to find out what the gender of this little person is! 

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Jeni said...

Such a cute belly! I'm thinking girl. Can't wait to hear!