Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Well, we got confident a little too soon. My ultrasound showed that my lining was only measuring 6mm and it needs to be between 8 and 12 for the doctor to feel 100% comfortable going forward with the transfer. So we increased my estrogen tonight and I have a repeat ultrasound on Friday. If my lining is thick enough, we will transfer on Wednesday the 21st or Thursday the 22nd, instead of the planned Monday the 19th. If my lining isn't thick enough, we will be canceling the transfer and starting over. 

I am disappointed and worried that things aren't going to work out. My IP's are more than supportive and say they aren't upset, that this is just part of the journey. The ups and downs are to be expected and sometimes nothing goes as planned. They are completely okay to try again in January if this cycle doesn't recover. 

So if you all wouldn't mind, PLEASE send some fluffy vibes my way and hope my lining works some magic in the next 3 days! I'll let you know how the ultrasound goes on Friday morning. 

Thanks for reading


Anonymous said...

Lots of fluffy vibes being sent your way!

I'm having their baby said...

Good luck!!!!

Duska said...

Thank you both so much!!